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Avis Advice

If you are booking with Avis, please read the following advice carefully. Please not that terms and conditions may vary between countries. Please ready your rental agreement carefully when you pick up your car

Avis Booking Advice

Please read the following advice carefully. Rental agreements may vary depending on location so please read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign your agreement. For more information, please contact Avis using the details below:

Customer Care: 0808 284 6666
Reservations: 0844 581 0159


  • If you picked up your Avis car at an Avis Rental Location, please return your car to the same location at the agreed/specified time.
  • If you are returning your Avis car at the airport, we strongly recommend returning your car at least one hour before your flight check-in time as delays can occur. Avis car hire is charged on a 24 hour basis. After collection of the car, missed deadlines will be charged by Avis at the full local rate e.g. if you collected your 3 day car hire on Monday at 1pm and returned it later than 1pm on Thursday, you will be charged. This charge will be based on the full local rate. If you return your car earlier than planned, no refunds will be made.
  • When you return your car, it is at this stage that any optional insurances, optional services/charges and excesses are charged to your credit card. Check whether you have agreed to take Super CDW or Super TP. At Rapid Return locations a statement is provided instantly, where Rapid Return is not available the statement shall be generated and sent to your home address.
  • You may settle your account in resort at the Avis desk by cash if the office is open. Please allow extra time to do this.
  • Check the vehicle for damage and advice the rental agent.
  • If you return your car earlier than planned, no refunds will be made and your rental will default to the local rate, please check the details printed on your contract are correct before you leave the rental office.
  • If you have any queries relating to your Avis booking or any of the above information, please telephone your Travel Consultant.


When you arrive at the rental location you will need:


  • Customers renting in the UK or abroad need to bring their photocard licence only, we will no longer ask customers for the paper counterpart. We will require the customer to consent to their licence records being accessed as needed.
  • CREDIT CARD Is required from a major credit card company in the name of the principal driver. This is purely for security when renting a car. In the USA if there are additional drivers they will also need to present a valid credit card. Some higher category groups will require 2 credit cards. Please check before collecting your car.
  • AVIS CAR RENTAL VOUCHER If your reservation is paperless or no voucher is required the reservation number alone is all that is needed at the time of rental. However, if you are provided with a voucher, please ensure that this is handed in at the time of rental. You will be given a Rental Agreement* to check and sign. Please check all details, including the pick up and return dates, times and locations carefully. This states Avis’ terms and conditions. If you purchase any of the optional insurances and/or services, please note that you will confirm acceptance of these on signing the Rental Agreement. When collecting your car, please check it over and note any damage you may find on the Rental Agreement. This must also be countersigned by an Avis representative.
  • NB AGE LIMITS Age limits can vary from country to country with both upper and lower limits. Most countries have no upper limit. As a good general rule the driver should be a minimum of 25 years old. For guidance, please check with Avis or contact your travel consultant for further information.
  • NB VEHICLE DAMAGE Check for any previous damage to the vehicle. Advice the rental agent if there is any damage before you drive the car away.
  • NB CANCELLATION POLICY If you no longer require your car you will need to cancel your reservation otherwise you may incur a non-cancellation fee.
  • NB LATE RETURN FEE In the instance that one of your travellers returns the vehicle late without our prior agreement, they will be charged an administrative ‘Late Return Fee’. The car will remain on rent until such time it is returned to Avis. This fee will be in addition to any additional days charges incurred.


*Insurance excess may apply. Please ask for details at time of booking. THEFT PROTECTION (TP)*

This covers the cost of replacing the rental car (or parts of it) if it gets stolen. You may have to pay an excess, which will vary by country, so please check at time of reservation.


The tax on the rate is included.


This applies for rentals taking place from an airport. The airport surcharge amount is only included in your quote based on the elements incorporated in the rate. N.B. The Airport Surcharge will also be applied to any optional additional charges. The Airport Surcharge is not levied on fuel, vehicle registration fee & tax.


A compulsory insurance in case you damage someone or something else.


International rates generally always include unlimited mileage. Please note, however, that mileage charges can apply in some instances such as domestic rentals. Please refer to your booking confirmation or travel agent if in doubt.


If the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will have to pay a fixed amount towards these repairs called an excess. This excess will vary by country so please check with Avis at the time of reservation. (This coverage is known as LDW in Australia, USA and New Zealand).


These are not included** in your Avis car hire and are payable locally at the end of your rental. Local taxes also apply. The amount of tax varies by country.


Where available, will reduce or eliminate the excess that you have to pay in the event of damage to the rental car. Purchased when you pick up the car.


Where available, will reduce or waive the excess that you have to pay in the event of the car (or parts of it) being stolen. Purchased when you pick up the car.


Should you have an accident during the rental, as a driver or passenger, this will cover some medical expenses, accidental death payment and assistance/ rescue. If you have holiday insurance, you may not need this. Please check your own holiday insurance.


Simply covers more than the PAI plus personal effects/baggage and contingency expenses.


In the event of there being damage to or theft of the vehicle, a sum of money (an excess) will be paid by the renter along with a damage processing fee. The maximum charge a customer will pay for any damage is the lesser of either the total repair costs plus the Damage Processing Fee or the customer’s Non Waivable Excess. The Damage Processing Fee is eliminated for all customers with a zero Non Waivable Excess. Optional insurances, that reduce or waiver the excess, can be purchased locally at the rental station when you collect your car (see optional insurances).


These are not included in your Avis car hire and are payable locally at the end of your rental. Local tax also applies. The amount of tax varies by country.


The rental car is insured for one person only. Should you wish to add additional drivers, then please do so when you pick up your car. There will be an additional charge for each driver which is payable at the Avis Rental Location. A full driving licence for each additional driver (held for at least one year – three years in Cyprus) will also need to be provided at the time of rental.


e.g. child seats, ski racks, snow chains etc are available at extra cost. You can pre-book these before you travel but you will pay for them at the end of your rental. Pre-booking is subject to availability.


In most countries, the car will have a full tank of fuel when you pick it up. If the fuel tank is not completely full when you return the car, a refuelling charge will apply. Some countries offer a full tank pre-purchase option which saves you filling up the car before returning it. Please check with Avis in resort. In Malta, you will be provided with half a tank of petrol and the charge will be added to your agreement.

In Cyprus, you have two options;

  • Option 1: Full to empty

  • Option 2: Full to full with 17€ plus V.A.T service charge

All Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel for which a deposit including 17€ plus V.A.T service charge is required. On your return with a full tank of fuel a receipt must be provided from a petrol station within a 10KM radius and a refund will be made.

No partial refunds are made for unused fuel. Refunds will be made only on Credit Cards. No cash refunds.


If you plan to return the car to a different rental location, you must let us know in advance as a ‘drop off’ charge may apply which will be charged at the end of your rental. Please check at time of booking.


If you have asked for your Avis car either to be delivered to you or collected from you, a charge may apply. This will be charged for at the end of your rental. Please ask when you make your reservation.


Some countries charge an additional tax – e.g. to pay for the road network etc. This is not included and will be payable at the end of your rental.


Roadside Safety Net will provide customers with the added reassurance of having roadside service for items that are not normally included in the rental such as key replacement, flat tires, fuel delivery, lock out service, tire replacement and jump start assistance.

*The rental agreements of some countries may vary.

**these may be included in your rates in the USA, please check.

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